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Things to Do

Jamaica weddings are for playing!

When you book a Jamaican weddings package we are within a five minute walk to:
• Open-air craft markets
• The Village Center
• Tennis and volleyball courts
• Scuba, snorkeling, and every water sport imaginable

Jamaica weddings offer exciting activity suggestions for you and your guests. Some places to experience while on your Jamaica honeymoon:

Things to Do in Negril


A Jamaica weddings choice accessed via tiny dirt paths off the main road. Named not for murderous pirates, but the cruel whalers who ran the seas red with their kill. On your honeymoon in Jamaica learn about "Calico Jack" Rackam, so named his yen for calico undies and bloodthirsty women pirates, including Anne Bonney and Mary Read. This 18th Century pirate haven is a heavily toured Jamaica Weddings suggestion.


A tiny island off the coast of Negril, famed for water sports, puts excitement in your Jamaica
weddings excursions. Named after the easily captured "booby" or "crazy" bird, it's a key place to see on your Jamaica Wedding stay. Now rarely seen, their eggs were a delicacy among Arawaks, a custom continued by local fishermen. "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" was filmed here, another reason this is a hotspot while on your Jamaican honeymoon.

(Water shoes and bathing attire suggested) For a breathtaking Jamaica Weddings activity, drive 46 minutes up rugged hill country to see the valley time forgot. "Falls Walking", a hike right up the falls through virgin rain forests, have intermittent swimming "pools" to bathe in for a dreamy Jamaica weddings memory. The open air bamboo bar/restaurant at the base is a favorite of ours at Jamaican Weddings.

Awe inspiring views on this landmark make a Jamaica Weddings timeless scene. 66 feet tall, and elevated 100 feet above sea level, this gem on the Western tip of Negril makes for a fairy tale Jamaica Weddings memory.


For a bohemian Jamaica Weddings activity, see why nature lovers flock to Shrewsbury Estate near Petersfield. This still largely pristine gem exudes wonder on this Jamaica weddings excursion. As water sprays ground up to join a mountain stream, explore ancient aqueducts for an unique Jamaica Weddings experience. This cave on the side of a cliff leads to a subterranean passage. Explore inside on your honeymoon in Jamaica and catch locals playing music on the rocks with bamboo if you are lucky (great acoustics!). Dip into the "Blue Hole" for a "spa-like" Jamaica Weddings cleansing. The waters in the cave and spring are said to be high in uranium content.


If culture is on your Jamaica Weddings agenda, visit this historic plantation. In ruins by a fire in 1985, it boasts superior views of the Negril coastline and the Great Morass a key site for a spectacular Jamaican Weddings activity. An interesting trip by horseback makes this popular among Jamaican Wedding guests.


A taxi ride away, come horseback riding, or dive into mountain springs and caves along the Caribbean for famed Jamaica Weddings activities.

Near the start of "Bamboo Highway" on a private farm, these gorgeous, cascading falls capture tranquil beauty. This is a MUST-SEE Jamaica Weddings tour. Reach Eden through lovely fields and an easy hike up a pathway
alongside these falls. For your wild Jamaica Weddings guests, rent rope swings to splash Tarzan-like! Near the top, plunge underwater into caves beneath these falls. This is a day trip perfect for you and your Jamaica Wedding guests.


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