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If you truly want to get a bird's eye view of the most beautiful stretch of beach in all of Jamaica, try parasailing and you'll see Negril in a completely different way. Come to Jamaica and get one of the best "highs" you'll ever experience.

Morning Snorkel Lunch Cruise

Snorkeling is another experience that is not to be missed when in Jamaica. Sit back and relax on the deck of our 45 ft Trimaran, and enjoy a drink from our open bar while you bask in the scenic beauty of Negril. Both relaxation and excitement will make for the perfect afternoon tour on Negril's warm and inviting waters.

Clothes Optional Cruise

Looking to do something really adventurous? Try out the Clothes Optional Cruise! The Clothes Optional Cruise is perfect for those who want to see a different side of Negril, not to mention a different side of their fellow passengers as well. Relax and have a drink at the open air bar, taking in all the beautiful scenery of Negril. Enjoy some lunch on board, and even some nude snorkeling, or just soaking up some sun for a great tan with no tan lines!

Glass Bottom Reef Trip
If you would like to see the vast array of tropical fish and coral formations that Negril's waters have to offer, but don't want to get wet, then we have the perfect solution for you. Aqua Nova's incredible glass bottom boat will allow you to see the ocean and all its inhabitants without even getting your feet wet.

Jet Ski/Wave Runner

A fleet of top of the line jet skis available for rental by the half-hour. Ride the waves on your own, with a passenger, or head to head racing against your friends... nothing beats skimming the waves on a jet ski.

Sunset Snorkel Cruise

Negril offers som eof the most spectacular sunset views in the Caribbean, and we can take you out right at dusk to for an evening of snorkeling, with just enough time to surface and enjoy a drink while you watch the sun slowly melt into the water in one of the most incredible displays of color that must be seen to be believed.

Halfmoon Bay Picnic

Leave Negril behind for a day and set sail to the beautiful and secluded Half-moon Bay. With great music, great atmosphere and great people, this afternoon cruise destination is well worth departing the beauty of Negril to see.

Water Banana Ride

Speeding up and down Negril's coastline, towed behind an ultra-fast ski boat on a giant inflatable banana...sound exciting?...We're sure that you'll think so, and after one ride, you will see why this attraction is so "ap-pealing".

Fishing Trip
An afternoon fishing for some island cuisine is a great way to get to know the waters around Negril. You'll have a guide to take you to the best fishing spots where you'll be able to drop your line, sit back, and take in the beauty of the Caribbean.

Island Picnic

An adventure that is great for the whole family, the Island Picnic tour will take you to Booby Cay, the small island where "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" was filmed. There you'll find great spots for snorkeling, swimming and just relaxing in the sun. Enjoy a great lunch with a drink or two, as well as some great music on board.

Water Ski

Even if you've never water skied before, no problem mon!...A great experience for beginners and experts alike, with great instructors for those who need a little help finding the "ski-legs"

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