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Roaring River
Loved by nature enthusiasts, this treasure, located on Shrewsbury Estate near Petersfield, seems to have been passed up by time itself and remains largely unspoiled. This beautiful and unique phenomenon is a coming together of gushing ground waters and a flowing natural mountain stream.

An old stone aqueduct collects some of the runoff water, and in the side of the cliff lies Roaring River cave, the mouth of an expansive underground cave! For the adventurous, it is quite an exploration opportunity. It is also a favorite of local musicians, who, because of the amazing natural acoustics, play music by using bamboo on the rocks of this underground music hall.

For the brave, there is the opportunity to take a dip in the “Blue Hole”, but be careful, it is rumored that the waters are high uranium. Only about a half day trip, Roaring River is definite must see for any adventurous island guest.

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