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A visit to Negril is a great opportunity to try some new and exotic dishes. While some restaurants serve familiar favorites, you'll also find a great variety of Jamaican cuisine. Below are some great recommendations for any palate:
Convenient and moderately priced.
The best seafood prices in Negril!!
You'll find a wide selection of Jamaican and international dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner available. Located directly next door the The Beach House Villas on the Negril's 7-mile beach.

Delicious food available for room service, meals to go, and specials available for group dining, wedding and special event catering.

Ocean Breeze Restaurant


Jamaican Breakfast
Ackee & Salt Fish, Callaloo, Fried Dumpling or Boiled and Boiled Banana

Beacon or Ham Omelet
Omelet, Toast Flavored Jelly and Butter

Continental Breakfast
Beagles or Toast, Fruits, Coffee or Tea and Juice

Lobster or Shrimp Omelet
Sauteed Shrimp or Lobster with Cheese, Toast, Jelly and Butter

French toast or Fruity French toast
Toast with Pineapple, Papaya and Banana Sauteed in Syrup

Cheese or Veggie Omelet
Sauteed Onion, Sweet Pepper and Tomato with Cheese

Eggs your Way (2)
Fried, Scrambled, Sunny side up, OverEasy and Pouched Eggs with Toast

Fruit Plate
Banana, Pineapple and Papaya

Side Orders
Hash Brown, Ham, Beacon, Plantain and Festival

Coffee & Tea
Blue Mountain Coffee, Regular or Herbal

Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry, Freshly Squeeze Orange and Carrot
$2.00 - $3.00

Banana, Papaya and Fruit Punch


Chicken Wings & French Fries
5 Golden Fried Wings with French Fries

Chicken & French Fries
Chicken Golden Battered Fried with French Fries

Fish & French Fries
Fillet Snapper Golden Battered Fried with French Fries

Grilled or Jerk Chicken, Fish, Grilled Cheese, Tuna and BLT
Served With French Fries

Callaloo Cheese Melt
Bread and Calla/oo Baked With Cheddar Cheese
Served With Potato Salad

Tuna, Lobster and Seafood
$8.50 - $12.00- $14.00

Chicken and Ham Served With French Fries

10" & 12"

$11.00 - $13.00

Fruity Pineapple
$13.00 - $14:00

$13.00 - $14.00

Pepper Lover
$13.00 - $14.00

Jerk Chicken

$14.00 - $16.00

$14.00 - $16.00

Lobster or Shrimp
$17.00 - $19.00

Seafood Combo
$20.00 - $22.00

Full House
$22.00 - $23.00


Severed with Soup of the day & a choice of Rice or Baked Potato


Peppered Shrimp, $10.00
Shrimp Cocktail $10.00
Mozzarella Caprese $9.00
Onion Rings $7.00
Garden Salad $6.00


Red Snapper
Curried, Brown Stewed, Fried Fish Fingers, Grilled

Whole Fish
Brown Stewed, Escoveitched or Steamed

Lobster Tail
Curried or Grilled

Medallion of Lobster
Morsels of Lobster Served out of Shell in Garlic Butter

Lobster Thermidore
Lobster Tail Sauteed then Baked with Cheese & White Wine

Caribbean Shrimp
Curried, Batter Fried, Grilled, or Peppered

Coconut Shrimp
Lightly Battered and Golden Fried with Coconut Flakes

Seafood Combo
Shrimp. Lobster. Fish Curried. Grilled or Sauteed in White Wine

Jamaican Style Jerk, BBO,. Brown Stew, Curried, or Fried

Tenderloin Steak
Peppered or Grilled to Perfection

Pork Chops or Stew Pork

Surf & Turf
Grilled Lobster Tail & Sirloin Morsels

Curried Goat
A Jamaican Favorite, Served with White Rice

Calla/oo in Creamy White Cheese Sauce

Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce

Linguini Lobster
$20.00 .

Rasta Pasta

Shrimp Pasta

Fried Rice
Veggie Stir Fried with White Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Lobster or Shrimp Fried Rice

Seafood Combo Fried Rice


Banana Split. Fruit Salad. Ice Cream. Key Lime Pie

12% Gratuity is added to all Checks, Room Service Charge $3.00

Below are some other great restaurants that you'll find the Negril's seven mile beach!

ALFRED'S - inexpensive to moderately priced.

Known for some of the best burgers on the beach, with large portions. Alfred's fruit crepe' is not to be missed!

BAR-B-BARN - Only two doors down from the villas. Bar-B-Que ribs give this restaurant it's name. You'll find other entrees such as seafood and chicken, all available ina tangy island sauce. Moderately priced.

FEATHERS - SWEPT AWAY This restaurant lies on the beach road, east toward Montego Bay. moderate to expensive)

Fine dining atmosphere with professional waiters. Great for a special night out. Don't forget to make reservations in the morning!
Moderately to expensively priced.

KUYABA - Moderately priced, with an upscale island atmosphere. Thatch roofs shade you as you dine on the beach. A wide variety of western style dishes, with a gift shop as well.

Great American style dishes such as steaks with fries, wings etc.

RICK'S CAFE' Ricks is a must when in Negril. Moderate to expensively priced, but whatever your budget, agreat experience not to be missed!
Ricks sit's atop the west-end cliffs, and while you dine and sip on island cocktails, watch the divers professional and otherwise as they leap from the cliff tops into the turquoise water below.


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