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Port Royal, Kingston is one of Jamaica’s most interesting dive locations due to it’s incredible history of shipwrecks and pirates. Kingston was once known as “one of the wickedest cities in the world." Due to the many ship wrecks, Port Royal is now home to an array of tropical fish. Depth is approximately 50ft, with an outer reef drop-off of about 80ft.
Highlights of the area include the "Kim & Trader" lumber ship wreck and of course, the famous pirate city sunken wall of Port Royal.
The best wreck diving is off Port Royal and Kingston where, in addition to ships, you can explore the city which slid into the sea in the 1692 earthquake.
The Island of Jamaica brings to mind pirates, treasure, rum and raggae music. The priates are gone and the treasure with them. Though it is still hard to get a permit to dive on Port Royal, a former pirate and smuggler haunt that sank during an earth quake hundreds of years ago. Most of the sport diving is done on the tourist oriented west end of the island. Montego Bay has both an artificial reef program as well as
a natural reef conservation program. Diving in Jamaica is a fairly well kept secret.

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