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Mo Bay as it known locally, is the home of the second of two International Airports on the Island. Being on the western tip, the main tourist area of Jamaica, it is the gateway through which most tourists enter. Montego Bay features a DC-3 aircraft to dive and a Reef conservation area. There is some wall diving and scattered areas of coral reefs.
Montego Bay is the second largest city and is known for its beautiful waters, its marine park,
mountains and plantations. Although established in 1989, the Montego Bay Marine Park was officially opened in July 1992. It stretches from the east end of the airport to the Great River and contains three major ecosystems, seagrass bed, mangroves and coral reefs.
Non-motorized watersports such as diving, snorkelling and glass bottom boat tours are permitted, but do not touch or remove anything. Experienced dive teams are available to guide you through your underwater adventure.
“MoBay" is famous for its wall dives and is Jamaica‘s first Marine Park, home to several dive sites. It’s main attraction is a wealth of sponges in a rainbow of colors. Divers can experience a variety of exciting visual experiences including, wrecks, walls, reefs, tunnels, and underwater sea creatures. Depths vary from waist deep to a ledge at 30 ft to vertical drops of 100 ft. Some of the shallow reefs show signs of wear from storms and snorkelers, but the deeper dive sites are flourishing, with sea whips, large tube sponges and a variety of fish. The water is usually calmest in the morning.

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