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Devil's Reef
Located east of Ocho Rios, Devil's Reef is only a short boat ride away. The underwater ridge, about a half mile off shore slopes down to about 65 ft ( 20 m ) after which the wall drops down into very deep water. The dive master will lead you through a low profile reef with many black-ball sponges and patches of staghorn coral growth to the edge of the drop-off, where you can look down to the sandy bottom at 130ft ( 40m).
Down below, small groups of snapper swim around, but the main activity is around 70-80 ft ( 21-24 m). Schools of bogas and creole wrasse speed by and a school of Atlantic spade fish will tantalize you to come out to the deep. The resident barakuda and ceros pass by in close range. Large green moray eels may be found in the cracks and holes of the reef.

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