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If you are looking for a retreat with family, or perhaps even a romantic getaway, an escape from the stress and hustle of the day to day grind is only a short trip away. In the middle of the beautiful and enchanting Caribbean Sea, there are villas in Jamaica that are calling your name.

To say a stay in a Jamaican Villa is an escape from the everyday, is more than an understatement. Villas in Jamaica offer an opportunity to de-stress and rejunvenate your spirit in a tranquil and relaxing island setting. You'll have all the peace and refuge you'd expect in an island getaway, while having all of the amenities you'd expect from a world class resort, but without the price, and the hassle.

Our affordable luxury villas in Jamaica are fully staffed and offer you all the comforts of home, yet in a setting of tropical beauty that must be seen to be believed. Comfort and pleasure become hard to avoid in the island paradise that is called Negril Beach.

There are many villas in Jamaica, but some of the most luxurious and comfortable are are located on Jamaica's lovely and tranquil Negril Beach. This amazing white sand beach rests quietly on the western tip of Jamaica. Such a fortuitous location as this offers spectacular sunset views right from your villa. Negril is widely known for it's colorful and amazing sunsets, and there are no villas in Jamaica that afford you a better view of the fantastic display that the Caribbean sun offers every evening as it dips slowly into the sea.

The Beach House Villas on Negril Beach offers affordable luxury villas situated right at the water's edge, complete with a private garden teeming with tropical flowers, plants and fruit trees. There are not many villas in Jamaica where you can stroll out to your balcony and pick your own fresh breakfast of delicious Breadfruit from one of the towering trees that afford abundant shade to the beautiful garden below.

Our Villas are fully staffed with helpful people ready to assist you with all your needs, making your stay on Negril Beach comfortable and worry free. The beautiful location of these villas in Jamaica can not be surpassed by any other accommodations anywhere on the island, and they come at a price that can't be beat. So we encourage you to take a look at The Beach House Villas in Jamaica, and we're sure that you'll agree that these luxury villas are without comparison.


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