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Resorts in Negril

Are you considering a getaway in the Caribbean? If so, certainly you are aware that there are myriad islands within the region, with thousands of beautiful and exotic locations to choose from, which can make the choice a difficult one.

The Islands of the Caribbean are dotted with numerous resorts which attract tens of thousands of visitors to their shores annually. Some of the most notable resorts are located on Negril Beach, which graces the coastline of the Island of Jamaica.

Situated on the western coast of Jamaica, Negril is widely known as one of the most lovely places in all of Jamaica. Negril's popularity comes from it's natural beauty, calm turquoise waves, and miles of white sand beaches.

There are many resorts in Negril, and among the most popular are Sandals, Hedonism II, and Beaches resorts. In addition to the many large resorts in Negril, there are many other types of accommodations available for visitors to enjoy. Negril Beach is festooned with hotels, villas and bungalows, all offering distinctly different amenities, levels of luxury, and levels of affordability for the traveler.

One of primary differences between choosing to stay in one of the large resorts in Negril or choosing accommodations such as villas or hotels is your access to local culture and cuisine. Those travelers that choose to stay in large all inclusive resorts in Negril are often discouraged from leaving the resort property to explore the local beaches and countryside. Also, when staying at an all inclusive resort, al your food and drinks are included with the cost of your accommodations, again discouraging the traveler from exploring what Jamaica is really about.

Most of the large all inclusive resorts in Negril offer top notch food, drinks, and entertainment, but despite the quality of their offerings, they all lack one thing - real Jamaican culture and influence. The food and drinks offered by large resorts in Negril lack the flare that makes real Jamaican cuisine different and wonderful, while the entertainment offered lacks the heart and feeling that is unique to the culture of the Jamaican people.

When a traveler takes up accommodations in a Jamaican villa or hotel, you'll not only save money, but you'll be compelled to try authentic Jamaican foods and drink from the local restaurants and bars that line Negril Beach. You'll have the opportunity to see authentic local entertainment and music at the many nightclubs where locals and tourists alike go for a night of fun.

So, when you are considering a Jamaican getaway, and are wondering whether to stay in one of the large all inclusive resorts in Negril, or to stay in a local villa or hotel, you'll have to ask yourself why you are coming to Jamaica in the first place. Are you coming to experience the same type of food, entertainment and culture you experience in your everyday life, or are you coming to experience something new, exotic and exciting.


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