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The Perfect Vacation in a Negril Villa

You might have a job and you might be stressed out or sad because you are sick of the routine.  You might have a family that needs a break or have a spouse you don't get to see.  If any of things are the case, you should look into taking a Jamaica vacation.  There are some great Jamaica vacation ideas and all inclusive packages that will ensure that you do not spend too much money, but you have a wonderful time away from home. Your choices within Jamaica are plentiful.

You can choose the bigger cities of Jamaica for your vacation, or you can opt for a bit more quiet time with quieter and less crowded beaches at other areas of Jamaica, like St Thomas, St Lucia, and Montego Bay, each of which offer their very own unique flavor of relaxation, sight seeing, and yes of course, as much night life and dancing as you may care to do. If you have never been to Jamaica, make a point to plan a vacation there in the near future.

You will wonder why you never vacationed there before, and it will almost certainly become a part of your regular vacation preparation. 

If haggling is your thing, then you'll be right in your element when browsing the shops and vendors on Negril Beach. Jamaican shop owners will likely expect you to haggle over prices with them rather than just paying what is asked.

Haggling is a skill that can take time to become good at, and can make shopping in Jamaica much more exciting and adventurous.

Many different commercial airlines serve Jamaican airports, and with a bit of planning ahead you can usually find some cheap seats. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the days when when ticket prices will be at their lowest. Travelers visiting Negril will most likely arrive on a flight to Montego Bay, on the Northern coast of Jamaica.

Once you arrive in Negril, you'll find many different options for making your stay comfortable. These include many hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even a number of all-inclusive resorts. But an even better option is a Villa located directly on Negril Beach. These Jamaican Villas offer all the comforts of home at a price you can afford.



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