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The Answers to questions about villas in Jamaica

If you are thinking about taking a cheap Jamaican vacation, or you are having a Jamaican honeymoon, there are many things that you should know about your Jamaican villa vacation before you depart.  One of the most telling things about a place is the way that it is represented.  This is portrayed in the country's flag.  The colors displayed on the Jamaican Flag have a deep symbolism, and are rooted strongly in the islands culture and history. The yellow on the flag in representative of the islands year-round sunshine and abundance of resources. The Black is indicative of the island's troubled past, with it's roots in subjugation and slavery. The green on the flag represents the Islands lush forestd and plantlife, as well as the agricultural prosperity of Jamaica.
August 6 is Independence Day on the Island of Jamaica. This day celebrates the day in 1962 when Jamaica was finaly granted independence from imperial control. Jamaica had remained a British colony up to this time. Despite the island's history of slavery and subjugation at the hands of the British as well as the Spanish and others, two of Jamaica's National hero's were British subjects. Norman Manly, whose face appears on Jamaican currency with the title: "The R.T. Excellent Norman Manley - National Hero". is credited with many social reforms that have benefited Jamaican society greatly. Also displayed as a national hero on Jamaican currency is the face Sir Alexander Bustamante, who is also credited with great contributions to the wellfare of Jamaican society.
Other national hero's pictured on Jamaican curreny include another Englishman, The R.T. Excellent George William Gordon, as well as Native Jamaicans like The R.T. Excellent Marcus Garvey, who is pictured on the 20 Dollar coin.Samuel Sharpe is pictured on the 50 dollar bill. Samuel Sharp was a Jamaican slave who led a revolt against the ruling authorities of the island in 1831. This rebellion and it's aftermath have been credited as playing part in the abolition of slavery across the British empire two years later in 1833.

Despite the designation of "dollar" on Jamaican currency, most Jamaicans refer to their money as "JA", pronounced "jay", since this JA is the symbol that appears before a dollar amount, just as "$" indicates the American dollar.

The American Dollar is acceptable currency in most parts of Jamaica. However, it is good to exchange some of your money for Jamaican currency, since many of the smaller Jamaican shops and sellers may have a difficult time getting change for your larger and more valuble american currency.


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