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Getting married in Jamaica is simplified

Getting Married in Jamaica

Because there are many details to consider when planning a wedding or honeymoons in Jamaica, the Beach House Villas finds it necessary to cater to every need of the couple to be. Trust in our wedding coordinator to plan exotic weddings in Jamaica to fulfill all individualized desires of the bride and groom. From the cake to the ceremony, the results are astonishing, not to mention the tropical paradise in which the marriage is held. However, there are a few details that couples will need to consider. First, it is important to obtain a valid passport and air accommodations to Montego Bay. Our staff can arrange shuttle or taxi service to the hotel following the flight. In addition, our coordinators will handle license paperwork, but couples will need to forward necessary documents prior to the day. Consult with a professional from when getting married in Jamaica and we'll strive to provide a hassle free vacation and momentous marriage ceremony for all to enjoy.

Weddings in Jamaica and more

Getting Married in Jamaica

Even though the wedding will be the highlight of your trip, there is also a wide variety of attractions to experience while visiting Negril. For instance, following weddings in Jamaica honeymooners can rest easy in relaxing villas and beachfront properties before adventuring into waterfall castaways and sunset cruises. Many tourists enjoy taking a hike through the rain forest and a dip in the ocean. Whether your plans include a romantic getaway or a family get together, the water sports, golf facilities and adventure activities offer something for everyone. Getting married in Jamaica offers an opportunity of a lifetime; however, taking advantage of the beauty of the land will only enhance the experience. Get started on a Caribbean journey today by contacting the Beach House Villas at 1-800-471-6347 or log onto for more information.

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